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I just got back from a super-charged business brainstorming sesh with a friend of mine and I’ve gotta say, I’m feeling fired up! I’m in the mindset to take on the world by storm and I owe a large part of this determination to my dear friend, who fed my soul this morning with her intelligence, charm and ability to totally vibe with everything I was saying. So I gotta ask…

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who just totally gets you?

It’s unbelievably refreshing and so important, yet so rare. I think it’s something we could all use more of. But how can we do that?

One of the most difficult tasks with starting your own business–and most other personal goals–is accountability. If no one knows what you’re supposed to do this week, no one will care if you don’t do it, which makes it pretty easy to get side tracked.

So, after what seemed like a never-ending soul search for what really helps me to get massive amounts of work done, I realized something:


Who the f**k are my people?

I know what you’re thinking… I already have “my people”… I have my family and friends. No new friends for Drake, no new friends for me – am I right?

Umm, no? See, you’ve got those people (who are great n’ all), and then you’ve got YOUR PEOPLE.

Here’s the dif:

Family n’ Friends: Love ya, are fun to be around and help ya tear shit up on a Friday night (or Wednesday afternoon, if you roll like that). Essential to a fulfilling life? Absolutely. Motivational, inspirational and going to push you to live up to your highest potential? Not necessarily…

Your People: Have similar goals to you, a similar outlook on life, same values, same hopes, same dreams, same definition of success, same… love of chocolate martinis? Talking to them gets you fired up, passionate, motivated and overall dreamin’ big.

Whatever it is that you love, they love. How you want your life to be, they want the same.

Maybe they have a bucket list twice as long as yours. Maybe they’ve traveled to places you’d love to go. Maybe they light up when they talk about their entrepreneurial endeavours – or maybe they’ve just had a similar life experience and know exactly what you’re going through.

Once you find your people, you’ll never let ‘em go.

Here’s why:

They just get you.

And being understood is a beautiful thing.

Especially when it lights a fire under your ass to stop dreamin’ and start doin’.

Because dreams are great n’ all but they aren’t gonna pay the bills.

You know what does pay the bills? Hustlin’, day in and day out.

And finding your people will motivate you to get sh*t done.

Talking with them amps you up. Whatever your big plans are, they’re probably already 10 steps ahead of you–so suddenly your excuses to keep putting things off seem pretty lame…

So, how do you find your people?

Everyone is different, but here are some things that I’d highly recommend (as they’ve worked for me and made a huge difference to my motivation, productivity and overall mindset):

  1. Search for online communities, forums and Facebook groups–They’re out there and probably not too hard to find, either.
  2. Attend networking events, conferences, seminars and retreats that interest you. I don’t care if you can’t find a friend to go with you. Buy your ticket, get on a plane and go. You’ll meet people the second you get there and they’ll be exactly the kind of people you need in your life.
  3. Post a shout out on Kjiji or Craigslist about forming a (virtual or local) mastermind group. This might sound ridiculous to you, but you’d be surprised at just how many people are amped to chat with like-minded individuals. Seriously. Just try it.
  4. Talk to friends or acquaintances in a similar field. You know that Facebook friend that you haven’t seen or talked to in 4 years, but you heard through the grapevine that they have a similar job to you and they’re doing really well? Yeah, talk to that guy.
  5. Form a relationship with business owners (or yoga teachers, or photographers, or authors – you get it) that you admire.. They’ll probably find it flattering. Ask them some questions about how they first got started.
  6. Hire a business or life coach–A little pricey but you’ll make the money back in the amount of work you get done directly because of them. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.
  7. Get a mentor–Someone who’s been there, done that and now wants to help guide you on your journey out of the goodness of their experienced heart. Yes, they do exist.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of the endless opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, both online and off. Value your relationships with people who inspire and bring out the best in you, and don’t forget to do the same for others. It’ll help you immensely on your journey to becoming who you really want to be.

Have you found your people yet? If so, how did you find them and what are the positive ways that they’ve influenced your life? Let me know in the comments below!

All the best,


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