You don’t want to be working behind-the-scenes in your business.

You want to be growing your business!

But it’s really hard to do that when you’re trying to design your own logo, your own website, your own e-course, your own landing pages, your own PDF freebies… You get the picture?

All that time that you’re spending on your (dare I say it) “temporary” design collateral, is time that you could be spending on producing some serious income for your business. But instead? You’re stuck looking for the right free fonts to use on your next header graphic. (And the cycle continues!)

Wouldn’t it be nice to just pass the behind-the-scenes work off to someone who you know will do a great job, so you can focus on growing your business instead?

Oh hell yes! And that’s where we come in.

Code Culture is so much more than really, really good looking talented designers. We’re also online business experts.

And we know exactly what you need to run a smooth online business that’ll make you a minimum of $5k per month as a solopreneur — though many of our clients make 5x that.

We’ve spent the past 10 years learning all the ins and outs of designing for online business, including websites, brand strategy, sales funnels, launches, social media marketing and e-courses — all so you don’t have to.

So, can you please stop trying to figure out what the heck a < div > tag is and call us already

Let us do our thing, so you can do yours.

Let’s see if you’re ready!

It’s in your absolute best interest to be ready to work with a design team before you hire them. And it’s in our best interest to make sure of that, because we want to see you succeed!

You’re Ready If: You’re Not Ready Yet If:
You view hiring us as a business investment, and you’re excited to see a return on your investment both in your brand equity & dolla dolla billz. You view working with us as a business expense, and it makes you nervous because you’re not 100% sure you’ve got the cojones to follow-through on growing your business after we deliver your designs!
You’re clear & confident about your business! You believe in yourself & you’re ready to streamline your marketing materials so your tribe can find you (and love you). You spend a lot of time wondering what you actually do, and you’re not entirely sure how long it’ll be before you get your next big business idea or give up.
You’re looking for a talented designer to make you bomb-diggity designs that represent you & your business in the best possible light. You’re looking for a designer, a business planner, a life coach, an accountability partner, a copywriter, a hand-holder and a babysitter all wrapped up into one!
You’ve already taken action in your business! Your actions have helped clarify your business basics: Who you are, what you do, what packages you offer and who your target market is. You’ve made money with your business in some way, whether large or small — enough to prove your idea works! You’re in the “research phase”! You haven’t gotten your hands dirty in the field yet, which is totally normal for a newbie. However, it’s hard to know what you really need until you’ve had some experience. Clarity comes from taking action, learning, and taking action again! ;)
You value & appreciate our time, just as we value & appreciate yours. You understand that we are a busy design team in high demand, and you’ll do your absolute best to be present for your project schedule so we can make it rain awesomeness on your business. It’s your world, we’re just livin’ in it! (Hey, sometimes this happens!)
You’re excited to take action when we’re done working together by making a consistent effort to grow your email list, publish useful content for your audience & be proud to grow your tribe. Business level, upped! What’s an email list? Girrrrl!

(If you’re not ready yet, don’t sweat it. Just get your ducks in a row & come back!)

If you are ready…

We’d love to design for you!

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*Afraid to commit? Don’t worry! Applying doesn’t mean you have to work with us, it just means you can… If you like to look good & stuff.

A Quick Note From Lauren Lund

Lauren Lund of Code Culture Inc.

Hey business babe!

Thank you so much for taking time away from building your online empire to come and check me out. I know how valuable your time is, but trust me — getting familiar with my business is one of the best things you can do for yours.

If you read the homepage, you’ll already know that I specialize in creating beautiful websites backed by solid brand strategies for awesome business owners just like you.

And you’ll also know that I’m an online business coach, a branding expert + an award winning graphic designer, which makes me a triple threat (and a huge asset to your soon-to-be big online business).

But here’s what you don’t know: I started Code Culture back in 2013 to fill an urgent need in the marketplace — a design agency that actually knows online business.

Sure, a lot of agencies can “design” graphics.

But not a lot of agencies can design a long-term online brand strategy that targets your ideal customers & carries your business to the million dollar mark.

Not a lot of agencies understand sales funnels, list-growing strategies, social media marketing or even blogging for business exposure!

Can you see the difference?

Everything here at Code Culture gets designed with YOUR end goal in mind. Want more email subscribers? More followers? More leads? Let’s do it!

Bottom line: Great design makes a business owner’s life a lot easier — It’ll turn your business into a magnetic, laser-focused sales machine.

Let’s see what great design can do for you.