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Are your fears holding you back in business? Here’s how to get over them.

Business fears are terrifying. Why? Not because they’re actually rational, but because they’re likely the only thing holding you BACK and you might not even know it.

If you’re full of resistance and excuses when it comes to your business, this one’s for you.

If you decide you’d rather go to the mall then get your work done to make your wildest dreams come true, this one’s also for you.

Every single day that you spend being afraid of the ‘unknown’ and therefore not working hard in your business is just ANOTHER DAY that you’re further away from achieving that dream life on your vision board!

And the scariest part? Many entrepreneurs never reach their goals at all, just because of a debilitating fear that they won’t ever be able to… When in reality, their fear is what’s causing that to happen in the first place!

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The one thing that’s causing all of your business problems (and how to fix it).

Stop tweaking your about page for God’s sake!! Stop redesigning your header. Stop choosing new brand colors. Stop reinventing how your business ‘looks’.

If only you had a nicer website, everything would fall into place, right? Keep blaming the website, because then you can’t be blamed, right? It’s just the website’s fault.

Is it though?! Or have you missed a crucial step here?

Having a stunning website is one of the pieces to the puzzle, but it’s not the whole damn puzzle.

And spending another night DIY-ing your logo isn’t going to bring you more clients.

So before you spend any more time justifying that your website is the reason you don’t have more clients… Ask yourself this:

Am I 110% clear about WHAT THE HELL I do?!

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Are you attracting high quality clients? Here’s how to find clients who will pay you what you’re worth!

Blog graphic - How to attract high quality clients

Believe it or not, high quality clients are waiting for someone just like you to show up! And when you do show up, they can’t wait to hire you! They’ve been searching for an amazing, talented person with your exact skills to help them… by delivering exactly what you promise! Just like you’ve been searching for the perfect client to come along who needs exactly what you have to offer. Continue Reading

Is your website your best sales person? Or is it kind of just… sitting there?


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Think of your website as your best salesperson. It’s there to make sales and create leads for you 24/7, and it never takes sick days or holidays, or complains about working overtime! It’s an extremely valuable asset to your business, especially if your business is completely online.

Now, if your website is truly your #1 salesperson, is it currently acting as the best salesperson it can be? Or is it half-assing it, cutting corners… And kind of just… sitting around?

Spoiler Alert: If you’re not making the sales that you want to, attracting the clients that you want to or growing your audience like you want to, then your website definitely needs some serious TLC!

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Make Your Competition Irrelevant! Here’s 5 Proven Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd


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Today I’m going to tackle the famous question: How do you stand out against your online competitors?

Standing out means steady business, lots of high quality clients and not having to worry about when (or if) you’ll be paid again—because of course you will be. But it also means that you’re not allowed to play it small or hide behind your computer anymore. Standing out means your business is real. It’s really out there, it’s really helping people and it’s reallllly picking up momentum.

And unfortunately, real business can be scary, right? It’s so much easier to play it small. I mean, what if something doesn’t go to plan? What if people make fun of you? What if you fail…? No one will know but you, right?

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