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How To Choose Your Brand Colors In 5 Minutes (And Still Leave People Amazed)


Hey guys! I’ve gotten 3 emails in the past week asking for advice on how to pick a professional color palette for your brand & website.

As a designer who’s been doing for this years, I thought I’d give you some quick tips on how to choose your brand’s color palette (in 5 minutes or less).

Before we get started, I want you realize that you don’t have to over think this. Keep it simple and consistent, and over a period of time, your brand will be bumpin’! But to repeat that, it does take time. You can’t have a recognizable brand overnight! Consistency is key, so try not to change your color palette every time Mercury goes into retrograde ;)

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Code Culture: Redone + New Reading List


We’re growing up! Or should I say, I’m growing up… And my company is following suit? Oh, one of the many perks of being an online business owner! Inevitably, as we go through life, we change.. evolve.. and grow into who we’re going to be. And when you own an online business, you have all the freedom in the world to change your business in the same way!

So, I’m presenting to you the new, improved and less “neon” Code Culture! Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love neon more than anything in the world, but my go-to design style has become a bit more simplistic (strategy is queen), and I wanted my website to feel like me again. (Business babes, I know you hear me!)

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Working Smarter Series – Part Three: Prioritizing Your Daily Tasks, AKA Cutting The Crap


It’s Part 3 of the Working Smarter Series and the pieces are about to come together! I’ve got an awesome freebie for you to download that’s sure to spark a few light bulbs in your beautiful business brain, but first let’s do a quick refresher on the first 2 parts of this series.

Part 1 Review:

In part 1, we learned that being your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t have a boss, it means that you ARE the damn boss! (Crazy breakthrough here, I know.) Just because someone isn’t watching over your shoulder or checking in to make sure you’re getting your work done doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all, so get to work! The sooner you adopt the CEO mentality, the quicker you’ll become successful. Hold yourself accountable!

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Working Smarter Series – Part Two: Track Your Time, Change Your Life


Hiya babes! This is Part 2 of the Working Smarter Series, and since we’re all smart cookies here I know you’re ready to gain some major clarity when it comes to being as productive as possible as you build your dream business! I want you to feel confident in knowing that you can have–or get back–your life outside of your business as it continues to grow.

Do you ever feel like you’d be so much further ahead if you had time to work on your business instead of in it?

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Working Smarter Series – Part One: Learning To Think Like A CEO

code culture featured image

I dunno about you guys, but lately I’ve been going out a lot and enjoying the summer weather. What can I say? I’m a cold beer on the patio kinda girl ;) But sometimes I get asked the question, “Don’t you have a business to run?” Well, duh! Of course I do. Do you think I just frolic around the town, patio hopping and completely ignoring this online business that I’ve worked so hard to create? Not a chance!

I’m actually more productive now than I’ve ever been, and if you’re the kinda person who enjoys fun in the sun and money in the bank, then I want to share my secret with you of how I get so much work done and still have time to enjoy my life. (Hint: It involves learning to think like a CEO.)

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