Stop tweaking your about page for God’s sake!! Stop redesigning your header. Stop choosing new brand colors. Stop reinventing how your business ‘looks’.

If only you had a nicer website, everything would fall into place, right? Keep blaming the website, because then you can’t be blamed, right? It’s just the website’s fault.

Is it though?! Or have you missed a crucial step here?

Having a stunning website is one of the pieces to the puzzle, but it’s not the whole damn puzzle.

And spending another night DIY-ing your logo isn’t going to bring you more clients.

So before you spend any more time justifying that your website is the reason you don’t have more clients… Ask yourself this:

Am I 110% clear about WHAT THE HELL I do?!

If you’re not SO clear, so passionate and so purpose-driven with that answer, then that’s the problem!!

In order for you to make mad sales, you need to have a very clear and simple business model in place.

You need to make it VERY clear what you do. You can’t kinda-sorta get known for a bit of everything.

You need to get known for one thing and be very clear that you’re the best at THAT.

Clarity brings confidence, and confidence brings sales… And SALES SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS!! (Thanks, Mark Cuban.)

And when you’re crystal clear, come to me… We’ll take that clarity and turn it into a beautiful online brand that turns you into the ‘it girl’ in your industry.

You can’t be the ‘it girl’ if you don’t know what you do, and especially if other people don’t really know what you do.

Be the ‘it girl’.


Your online branding go-to girl,


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