Business fears are terrifying. Why? Not because they’re actually rational, but because they’re likely the only thing holding you BACK and you might not even know it.

If you’re full of resistance and excuses when it comes to your business, this one’s for you.

If you decide you’d rather go to the mall then get your work done to make your wildest dreams come true, this one’s also for you.

Every single day that you spend being afraid of the ‘unknown’ and therefore not working hard in your business is just ANOTHER DAY that you’re further away from achieving that dream life on your vision board!

And the scariest part? Many entrepreneurs never reach their goals at all, just because of a debilitating fear that they won’t ever be able to… When in reality, their fear is what’s causing that to happen in the first place!

If you read books like The Secret or The Law Of Attraction, you know that what you think about becomes a reality.

When you roll your eyes at quotes like “What you believe, you will achieve”, you’re forgetting that those aren’t some nice rhyming words strung together for fun… They’re meant to be taken LITERALLY.

If you don’t believe something will work out, the universe isn’t going to prove you wrong. It’s going to prove you right.

So make sure that you’ve got the confidence required to make shit happen!

Take action today by writing down 100 reasons WHY your business will WORK!

And then sit your butt in the chair and make some progress.

You’ve got what it takes, my dear! So stop wasting time :)

And call me when you’re ready for a super-hot online presence.

I’ll design you a brand & website that match just how awesome you really are!

Much love,

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