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Make Your Competition Irrelevant! Here’s 5 Proven Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd


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Today I’m going to tackle the famous question: How do you stand out against your online competitors?

Standing out means steady business, lots of high quality clients and not having to worry about when (or if) you’ll be paid again—because of course you will be. But it also means that you’re not allowed to play it small or hide behind your computer anymore. Standing out means your business is real. It’s really out there, it’s really helping people and it’s reallllly picking up momentum.

And unfortunately, real business can be scary, right? It’s so much easier to play it small. I mean, what if something doesn’t go to plan? What if people make fun of you? What if you fail…? No one will know but you, right?

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How To Choose Your Brand Colors In 5 Minutes (And Still Leave People Amazed)


Hey guys! I’ve gotten 3 emails in the past week asking for advice on how to pick a professional color palette for your brand & website.

As a designer who’s been doing for this years, I thought I’d give you some quick tips on how to choose your brand’s color palette (in 5 minutes or less).

Before we get started, I want you realize that you don’t have to over think this. Keep it simple and consistent, and over a period of time, your brand will be bumpin’! But to repeat that, it does take time. You can’t have a recognizable brand overnight! Consistency is key, so try not to change your color palette every time Mercury goes into retrograde ;)

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