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Why is December so full of priorities that totally contradict each other?

Should you finish off the year with a bang or start prepping for your new year’s resolutions? Should you spoil your family and friends with Christmas gifts or use the money to help less fortunate families instead?

What do you do when you’re equally torn between wanting six-pack abs and wanting to eat 10 gingerbread cookies in a single sitting? And, how much Mint Chocolate Baileys is socially acceptable in one’s coffee before 9 am?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

With all this holiday spirit surrounding us, there’s one thing that us service-based business owners tend to put on the back burner every December: OUR OWN BUSINESSES.

For service-based businesses, it’s a slow time of year. People are so worried about getting Christmas presents under the tree that no one has self-improvement on the brain (think of coaches, designers, copywriters, nutritionists, trainers, videographers etc).

But, what happens to that mindset when January 1st hits? It takes a complete 180°.

Everyone knows that new year’s resolutions cause people to spend a sh*t ton of cash on improving themselves–and their businesses–in the hopes that the coming year will be their best year yet. Hey, you’ll probably do it too!

So, how can you make sure these improvement seekers–i.e. serious cash spenders–are headed YOUR WAY to buy YOUR SERVICES once the new year hits?


And how do you get your company in front of insane amounts of people in a short amount of time? YOUR WEBSITE.

Use your website to show your potential clients something new and exciting, not the same old sh*t they’ve seen a million times before. Improve your look, freshen up your brand, give your website a facelift. Get people talking about your company. Give people a reason to check you out.

Make your website so nice, so easy to use and so persuasive that when clients head your way in the new year, they won’t be able to resist!

Here are 11 simple ways to freshen up your website for the new year (so people will remember you, talk about you and buy from you):

  1. Add new testimonials and success stories. Show and tell people the amazing things your business has done in the past year, and give them proof that what you’re doing works.
  2. Add a new accent colour to your brand. One of the simplest ways to give your brand a little pop while maintaining it’s recognizable image.
  3. Get a new tagline. Make it something that sticks. Be bold. If you only had 10 seconds to sell someone on your services, what would you say? Make that the first thing people see on your website.
  4. Replace your website’s header image. More often than not, people see a new header image and think it’s a whole new website. It’ll be our little secret.
  5. Organize your website’s navigation. Anything on there that you don’t need anymore? Anything new you should add? Organize it and make it as easy as possible to find things. If it’s confusing, you’re losing customers.
  6. Go flat with your buttons and social media icons. It’s trendy right now to ditch the gradients and drop shadows. Switch to flat blocks of colour instead.
  7. If you don’t have an email list opt-in, get one! Email lists are major money makers. If you already have an opt-in form, add another one in a new location (ie. pop-up opt-in box or in the header/footer/sidebar etc).
  8. Use a gigantic image somewhere (aka a hero graphic). Use it in the background or place a jumbo, messaged filled image on your homepage. For tons free, high-resolution images check out my fav source: Unsplash
  9. Write some new content, especially for your homepage. Make it fun. Use big text. Keep the word “fresh” in mind when you’re writing your content. We don’t want stale. We want fresh.
  10. Set a regular day/time to post new blog articles every week (and stick to it)! Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy that leads to major website traffic and becoming known as the go-to person/expert in your industry. It’s not just a “when I have time thing”. It’s a regular part of business and it sets you up for future success.
  11. Go mobile. Your website still isn’t responsive…? Seriously….? SERIOUSLY?

The worst case scenario is being so caught up in the holiday madness that you end up missing all the opportunities to get new clients in January.

If you need some help giving your website a facelift, let’s talk. I can help you get this stuff done quickly so you’ll be looking your absolute finest when the new year hits.

Need some more direction? Let’s schedule a virtual meet & greet! We’ll see what we can come up with to make your website better than ever in the coming year.

To book your free meeting, just contact me here.

Warmest wishes,


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