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Today I’m going to tackle the famous question: How do you stand out against your online competitors?

Standing out means steady business, lots of high quality clients and not having to worry about when (or if) you’ll be paid again—because of course you will be. But it also means that you’re not allowed to play it small or hide behind your computer anymore. Standing out means your business is real. It’s really out there, it’s really helping people and it’s reallllly picking up momentum.

And unfortunately, real business can be scary, right? It’s so much easier to play it small. I mean, what if something doesn’t go to plan? What if people make fun of you? What if you fail…? No one will know but you, right?

STOP IT! Doesn’t that just sound silly?! Yet, so many people are afraid to take it to the next level for that exact reason… I’m here to tell you to snap out of that mindset, pronto.

Here’s the truth…

You did not get into online business to play it small.

You did not get into online business to kind-of sort-of make it work. You got into business because you’re an amazingly talented individual with unlimited potential and you have a lot to offer the world!

Isn’t it time you stepped up your game and created a real platform for you to share that on?

Yes. It obviously is. Which brings me to my point: It’s time to make you STAND OUT.

I want you to picture this: You’re at a conference for your people industry. There are 25,000 people in one room who all have the same job as you. How would you stand out in that room? What would make you different? What would make you more appealing?

The answer is simple. It’s YOU.

Your personality, your energy, what you’re wearing, who you’re socializing with, what you’re talking about, your confidence etc. These are the reasons you stand out.

Ask Yourself: Are you approachable? When people approach you, do you listen to them? (Listening is very important) Do you connect with them? Do you truly care to meet new people there? Do you share your story? Can people resonate with you? Are you memorable? Are you confident? Are you off mingling and meeting people?

Or: Do you stay quiet and only talk to the 1-2 people that you came with?
We do that SO often! We stay quiet at big events.. playing it small.. hoping not to get noticed or called upon as we sit there taking notes, just thinking about how we can take everything we’re learning and use it for our businesses just as soon as we get back behind our computers again.

But what the hell is the point of that?!

The things that make us stand out in person are the same things that make us stand out online.

Here are 5 proven ways to stand out against your online competition:

  1. Use your personality everywhere!
  2. As Oprah says, “Align Your Personality With Your Purpose”. Amen to that!

    When you’re chatting with a potential client, your personality is going to help you truly stand out. But too often, when someone looks at your website and then talks to you, it’s like 2 totally different people! You don’t want people to be “surprised” after reading your website and talking to you, you want your website to be an extension of you.

    To do this, make sure your website sounds like someone is having a conversation with the real you. If you’re goofy/funny/girly etc. use that on your website! If you’re not sure about your unique personality or what makes you sound like you, ask an honest friend to check out your site and give you feedback or ask some people close to you what they admire about your personality most. (Just tell them you’re doing research, lol!)

  3. Declare what you are you the go-to person for. (Practical approach – What you do)
  4. I ask all of my clients this when we work on their unique brand positioning! What are you the go to person for? One sentence. “I am the go-to person for ___________.” No need to overcomplicate. Just make it very clear on your website. “If you want ________, you need to contact me.”


    I am the go-to person for unforgettable websites that match your personality. (Mine, lol!)
    I am the go-to person for six-figure product launches.
    I am the go-to person to heal your money blocks.
    I am the go-to person to help you find your dream man.
    I am the go-to person to help you lose weight.

  5. Make a unique promise. (Bigger picture – Why they need what you offer.)
  6. Your unique promise is bigger that what you’re the go-to person for. It’s WHY that matters. It’s bigger picture. So for example, I’m the go-to person for unforgettable websites that match your personality. But why does this matter? Because in the big picture, my website is YOUR ticket to freedom. It’s your foundation for building a meaningful career that you love. It’s your foundation for quitting your corporate job, for getting your family out of debt, for spending more time with your kids, for being able to travel whenever you want, for being able to retire your spouse, for being able to design your own life and do things that you simply could not do if you did not have such a beautiful online platform to build your dreams.

    See? Now I’d say that’s a lot more than just a website. It’s a platform for building your dreams.

    So, let’s say you’re a life coach and you’re the go-to person for creating the perfect work/life balance. What are you really selling? You’re selling a solution for someone to be able to have-it-all… To really get the best of both worlds! Your solution allows someone to have an amazing marriage, a wonderful relationship with their children AND a fulfilling career without feeling guilty that one or the other is always suffering. You’re removing guilt and bringing joy back into the lives of not only your client, but also their family. You’re selling a solution for total happiness. (Sounds pretty good, right?)

    Now that’s a message that’ll sell!

  7. Tell your story.
  8. People love to know the backstory of how you got to be so successful. The bigger the struggle, the more compelling the story. You can make this short and sweet, or long and emotional, but allowing people to get to know you on a deeper level can really help you stand out and be remembered. And if you’re currently struggling? Guess what! It’s all part of the story! So embrace it, and know that it’ll make everything that much better when you DO succeed. (Just don’t give up.)

  9. Dress to impress.
  10. Remember the conference we talked about? When you pictured yourself, were you dressed to impress and looking amazing? Or did you throw something frumpy together at the last minute without looking in the mirror? I’m going to assume that you pictured yourself looking bomb-diggity (because why not, right?).

    Your website is the same way! You do NOT want your website to look thrown together last minute. It needs to be dressed to impress— aka designed by a professional who understands your unique personality, your ideal customers and your business goals—in order to make a lasting impression.

    Like I said, your website should be an extension of you. Therefore, we want you to rock an amazing outfit, online and off!

There you have it. My 5 proven ways to stand out from the crowd!

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Which of these 5 tips is the most helpful? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day :)

Your favorite branding expert,

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