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Think of your website as your best salesperson. It’s there to make sales and create leads for you 24/7, and it never takes sick days or holidays, or complains about working overtime! It’s an extremely valuable asset to your business, especially if your business is completely online.

Now, if your website is truly your #1 salesperson, is it currently acting as the best salesperson it can be? Or is it half-assing it, cutting corners… And kind of just… sitting around?

Spoiler Alert: If you’re not making the sales that you want to, attracting the clients that you want to or growing your audience like you want to, then your website definitely needs some serious TLC!

Online business is simple. It’s a matter of having the right strategy in place on your website, executing your plan with consistency, and delivering an amazing, high quality product or service to your clients. This is how you transition from cute-little-online-business to full-blown-online-empire.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be!

If you hired a real salesperson for your business, I can guarantee that you would not put up with them dicking around. And if that salesperson did anything to make your company look bad in the process? They’d be gone faster than a pack of Tums at a chili cook-off!

Yet, for some strange reason, people will hang on to a website—available 24/7 for the entire world to see—even when it’s doing absolutely nothing for their business. And they’ll bang their heads against the wall as they try to come up with a totally different way to get new clients or make more sales, instead of just tweaking their websites and fixing the root cause of all their problems in the first place. *Facepalm x1000*

Here’s how to tell if your website is working for you, or if it’s time to face the facts that your baby of a site (even if it’s a cute baby) might be ready to grow up into a super attractive, successful and smart salesperson.

How many of these statements apply (or don’t apply) to you?

  1. Your website clearly defines who you are and what you do. – All the info is there! You don’t get asked a lot of basic questions, except “When can we start?”
  2. You get emails at least a few times a week from people interested in working with you.
  3. You’re making consistent sales. – Cha-ching!
  4. You stand out as the obvious choice in your industry. – Is your website memorable? Are you strategically positioning yourself for a certain niche?
  5. You’re becoming more & more well known. – Is your audience increasing on social media and Google?
  6. Your mailing list is growing. – Do you have more subscribers every week?
  7. Your business feels simple. – People come to you. You help them. They leave happy. You get paid.

How does your website stack up? Like I said, online business is simple, but… I never said it was easy. Simple, but not easy!

Being strategic and consistent with your website, online marketing and branding can be tough… Often times, you’re just too close to your own company and you’ve looked at your website too many times to see it from an outsider’s perspective.

But I have a solution for you…

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the statements above, you need to book a free discovery session with me.

In 15-minutes, I can take a look at your website and give you some quick pointers on how to increase your conversions, get more sales and simplify your business.

Because when your website is working the way it’s supposed to? Business is fun. Like, really, really fun!

Want more sales tomorrow? Take action today.


Your favorite branding expert / website designer / coffee addict,


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