If you want your website to work harder than you do, you’ve gotta use a strategy.

Question: How are you going to get people to check out your website? And once they get there, how are you going to make them stay?

Answer: Funnel the hell out of them.

You need to start thinking of your website as a gigantic funnel if you want to make some real sales. Here’s how to do it…

The Mouth Of The Funnel = Getting To Know Each Other

The mouth of the funnel should appeal to the masses of your niche. Basically, free information galore for anyone who shows up to your website: your blog, email list, free PDF downloads, etc. Make sure there are so many free resources jumping out at your audience that they’re like, “OMG! I don’t know what to read first! This is all amazing. This girl really knows what she’s talking about!” Free stuff will encourage people up to buy things from you because it shows them how much value you have to offer. It also makes you super likeable, which is a must when it comes to making sales.

There’ve been so many times that I probably could have finished a task on my own, but instead I hired someone to help me because a) I thought they’d do a better job than me (based on all their free resources) and b) I just thought they were really freakin’ cool.

The Middle Of The Funnel = Getting More Comfortable

The middle of the funnel is your low to mid-priced services/products: a downloadable e-Book for $35, a 1-hour Skype consultation for $100, a $12 webinar etc. A mid-size number of people will be interested in these. You’ll have the highest number of sales on these items but they won’t necessarily make you the most profit. These products just warm people up to the experience of working with you. It’s a good way for the skeptics to test the water without diving in headfirst.

The Bottom Of The Funnel = Sealing The Deal

The bottom of your website funnel is for your most expensive, top-of-the-line, “Shit son, this is a life changer!” kinda services: a $2000 8 week course (ex. B-School), a $1200 one-day intensive, a $5000 business retreat… A fewer number of people will be interested in these but the ones who are will be completely stoked to work with you because you’ve proven yourself to be worthy of hiring! In fact, they might buy from you just because you’ve convinced them that it’s a smart decision. You’ve helped them succeed with everything else you’ve provided, why would this be any different… right? :)

The more value you provide in the first 2 parts of your funnel, the more people will pay for your premium services. Don’t just be like, “Hey everyone! I’m a ______. Hire me for $10,000! I promise I will do a good job.” *Crickets*

You’re better than that! :)

Peace, love & coffee,


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