Nothing’s hotter than a babe with a brain, but did you know that that same logic applies to your website?

Think about it. Good looks – just like good design – make it easier to make a great first impression, but what happens when the excitement dies? Are good looks enough to keep you dating someone for the long haul? To have a laugh about a silly observation that makes you practically pee your pants? To talk about what’s going on in the world? To have a great conversation over your morning coffee, every morning?

You already know the answer to this but I’ll say it anyways: HELLZ NO.

Appearance is not everything. At the beginning, sure… It’s great – and everyone loves a lil’ arm candy – but it doesn’t take long to realize that your arm candy isn’t “the one”.

And in the business world, the exact same thing goes for your website. A good looking web design can only get you so far.

When people find you online, they’ll base whether or not they want to hire you on the vibe that they get from your website – and company – in the first few seconds. An attractive website means you’re serious about your business, at first glance, and people feel comfortable purchasing things from companies that seem legit. So far, so good.

But what happens when those people – your potential customers – dive deeper into your website as they try to confirm that you’re “the one” for the job?

Does your website have “the brains” to seal the deal?

If not, you can kiss your potential customers goodbye (before they even get a chance to really know you).

So how can you make sure your website has got the looks and the brains?

You’ve gotta have a strategy.

Every word. Every picture. Every page. Every design. Every click.

It’s all gotta be a natural flow from the time someone hits your homepage to the time they click the “Buy Now” button!

This is online marketing 101, babes. It’s time to ditch the filler content, the excess bulk and anything that’s distracting your customers from actually buying from you so that your website can work for your biz the way it’s supposed to: like a freaking salesperson.


Plan a strategy in advance of exactly how your website is going to make you sales, then slap a beautiful design on top (for the win).

Here’s 10 quick tips to immediately improve your website strategy (so you can continue to impress people when your design becomes old news):

  1. Put the spotlight on your best sellers. Trust me, you’ll sell more of them.
  2. Make sure the most important sentence on your whole website is the first thing someone sees when they arrive on your home page. Second most important sentence? Make it the second thing. Third? The third thing. You get it. Put things in a natural order of where you want people to look and click if you want them to make their way to “Buy Now”.
  3. Use copy (copy = website content) that speaks specifically to the type of people you actually want to work with (and makes them say, “Finally, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”) If you’re a life coach who wants to work with 20-something females who are going through break-ups, put that on your site. Don’t just put “Life Coach For Girls”. Come on!
  4. Make it (ridiculously) easy to pay for your services. And book a session. And request a quote. And send you a message.
  5. Put your contact information somewhere obvious. If someone has to go looking for it at the bottom of your services page, they’re not going to hire you.
  6. Have a picture of you on your about page. Make it one that’s true to who you are. I’m not saying to post a pic of you at the bar with your friends, but if you’ve never worn a pant suit in your life, don’t wear one in this picture.
  7. Have more than one area to opt-in to your mailing list (ex. header, footer, pages, posts etc.) Mailing lists = money. If you don’t have one yet, what’s your excuse?
  8. Make your blog your best friend. Blog consistently. Promote your blog posts on social media. Comment on other people’s blogs, redirecting them back to your own website to get more traffic to your posts. When commenting, choose blogs that have the same audience you’re trying to reach. Don’t comment in a spammy way (like leaving your links all over the place without actually commenting). Provide some real value that will actually make people want to check out your website. Only leave your URL in the comment field that says “Website:______”, if you want to keep it classy.
  9. Use testimonials from happy customers all over the place. Sidebar, footer, above “Buy Now” buttons, about page and even a praise page! If you’ve got enough happy words from clients, dedicate a page to it.
  10. Give examples of your work, before/after’s, case studies and anything else that proves you know what you’re doing. The proof is in the pudding – and who doesn’t love pudding?

Well, there’s my list! If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re losing some mega sales! Just don’t be mad at me when your business becomes so busy that you have to hire someone to help you get everything done. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ;)

So how does your website measure up?

Need a serious revamp to your online presence? Let’s chat! I offer free website consultations via Skype for anyone who is serious about going professional.

Want to make 2014 your best, most successful year yet? I can help you do just that.

Send me an email for more information about booking your free website consultation: lauren@codeculture.ca


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Cheers to uppin’ your biz game (and making more moula),


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