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Believe it or not, high quality clients are waiting for someone just like you to show up! And when you do show up, they can’t wait to hire you! They’ve been searching for an amazing, talented person with your exact skills to help them… by delivering exactly what you promise! Just like you’ve been searching for the perfect client to come along who needs exactly what you have to offer.

“What you are seeking is seeking you.” -Rumi

It’s true! What you are seeking is seeking you.

But who exactly should you be “seeking”? And how do you figure out who’s “seeking” you, so you can magnetically attract them into your business?

It’s simple! You need to identify your high quality clients.

And how do you do this? As usual, I’ve broken it down for you! Use the 4 questions below.

4 Questions To Identify Your High Quality Clients (And Attract Them To Your Business Like Tie-Dye On A Hippie)

  1. What kind of person is going to make your services a top priority? (Think: Someone who is ready to hire you immediately vs. someone who may be considering your services at some point in the future.)
  2. What kind of person is going to think you’re the best person (hands down) for the job? (Think: Normally this is someone who has things in common with you, has a similar personality/style and can have a flowing conversation with you. The kind of person that you just “get” will likely be the same kind of person who wants to work with you.)
  3. What kind of person has a problem that you can truly fix? (Think: You want to deliver the highest quality service to your client. They have a problem, can you deliver a specific service that will solve this problem?)
  4. What kind of person do YOU want to work with? (Think: What personality traits, business types, problems/solutions do you get joy from working with? Fill your clientele with these types of people and you’ll love your business!)

Once you’ve broken this down, you can then make a strategic effort to consistently market your services to these types of people. Keep your answers in mind when you’re planning your blog posts, webinars, opt-in freebies and more! Before you know it, you’ll have an email list full of high quality clients just waiting to work with you.

Take Action Now

Download the worksheet to start hashing out your High Quality Clients on an even deeper level! Print this out and hang it by your desk to ensure that all of your marketing is on point.

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Cheers to doing business smarter… Not harder!

Love always, your favorite branding expert…


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