Hiya babes! This is Part 2 of the Working Smarter Series, and since we’re all smart cookies here I know you’re ready to gain some major clarity when it comes to being as productive as possible as you build your dream business! I want you to feel confident in knowing that you can have–or get back–your life outside of your business as it continues to grow.

Do you ever feel like you’d be so much further ahead if you had time to work on your business instead of in it?

For example: Time for creating new packages, developing your own products and e-courses, and keeping up with your blog?

But instead, you’re pouring all of your time and passion into other things, including a mass of client work that used to light you up inside!

You don’t have time to communicate with your email list. You haven’t gotten started on that course that you want to create so badly–or the other money-generating ideas that are stuck inside your head. You don’t even know how much money your business has made this month let alone this year and to top it off, you haven’t been the gym in weeks!

Kinda feels like your potential is capped based on the amount of hours in a day, doesn’t it?

You’re fully aware that the potential for online business growth is unlimited, which definitely makes it fun and exciting. But the thought itself can be overwhelming, can’t it? I mean, unlimited potential? That’s a lot of pressure for anyone, especially if you’re not using your time wisely. ;)

Well, here’s the good news! I’ve got a few tricks to get you out of this rut so that you can start being productive again and free up a significant amount of time in your day.

But there’s one thing you have to do before we can dive into how to free up your time…

You have to know exactly how you’re spending it!

So, I have some homework for you:

For the next 5 business days, I want you to track every minute that you spend on your business.

Sending an email? Track it.
Writing a blog post? Track it.
Working on a client project? Track it.
Got a meeting? Track it.
Unexpected call from a client that lasts 45 minutes? Track it.
Compiling an invoice? Track it.

You get the picture? ;)

Now don’t write this off as something that you don’t “have time” to do! It may seem like a lot of work but it’s not difficult nor it doesn’t take much effort. After a few days, it just becomes a habit anyways! And if you really want to start being productive, than seeing exactly how you spend your time is going to change your life. It’ll also light a fire under your ass to get things done faster–because you’re being timed and all.

To make this even easier, I have a free tool you can use! So, you really have no excuse ;)

It’s called Toggl (https://www.toggl.com/) and it’s insanely simple time tracking, for free. Just go to the website, create an account and start tracking your time. At the end of the week it will give you a detailed overview of how you spent your time, how many hours you worked on each task etc.

Toggl Tips:

I file my internal tasks into separate projects with different colours, for example: Content Creation (Blog & Email List), Product Development, Invoicing, Website Updates, Market Research, Client Communication etc.

I also have separate project colours for each of my clients and I make sure to type a detailed description of what I’m doing for each task.

There are Toggl apps for iPhone and Android as well!

There you have it!

For the next 5 business days, track your time with Toggl.

Common findings after reviewing your weekly summary will include:

  • Realizing you’re not putting in as many work hours as you think you are…
  • Realizing that you spend way too much time on things that don’t matter…
  • Realizing that you’re undercharging on some of your projects based on the amount of hours you’re putting in…
  • A reality check that your time is not being spent wisely…
  • Clear areas on where productivity can be improved…

Trust me when I say tracking your time this week will provide you with a heavy dose of clarity!

Next week, on Part 3 of the Working Smarter Series we’ll be able to use your Toggl summary when we talk about the 80/20 rule and learning how to create space in your schedule for the tasks that really matter.

Now I want to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me what mundane task sucks up the most time in your business? How much time a week do you think you spend on it?

Remember, it only goes up from here!

Cheers to getting your life back, one minute at a time.



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