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I dunno about you guys, but lately I’ve been going out a lot and enjoying the summer weather. What can I say? I’m a cold beer on the patio kinda girl ;) But sometimes I get asked the question, “Don’t you have a business to run?” Well, duh! Of course I do. Do you think I just frolic around the town, patio hopping and completely ignoring this online business that I’ve worked so hard to create? Not a chance!

I’m actually more productive now than I’ve ever been, and if you’re the kinda person who enjoys fun in the sun and money in the bank, then I want to share my secret with you of how I get so much work done and still have time to enjoy my life. (Hint: It involves learning to think like a CEO.)

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part Blog Series I’m running on business efficiency and productivity, aka Working Smarter. One of the many perks of online business is that it really does allow you live a free and abundant life, but as I learned the hard way, that doesn’t just happen. You need to be smart and know what you’re doing. I’m going to save you time and energy – and maybe even from pulling your hair out with frustration – so you can start working smarter and reaping the benefits today! I’m also going to share some business secrets that will fast-track your success if you follow my instructions carefully.

Learn From My Mistakes

In my amateur days before I started Code Culture, I had a freelance web design business. And let me tell you, from the second I started spreading the word I got really busy – really fast.

I didn’t plan anything in advance. I just rolled with it as I went. New projects coming in daily? Sure, I can handle it all! Keep it comin’.

But before I knew it, things spiraled out of control. I was working around the clock and flying by the seat of my pants. I had way more clients than I could handle. And I was doing the same thing over and over, with no clear set goals or action plan on how to achieve them.

I wasn’t keeping track of my finances.

I wasn’t using contracts or seeking legal advice.

I didn’t have a marketing plan.

I didn’t have clear objectives.

I didn’t have a way to accommodate large volumes of clients.

I wasn’t collecting testimonials.

I wasn’t even tracking my hours.

I didn’t have anything to measure my success on.

I just felt burnt out. Overwhelmed. Inefficient. And unproductive.

Even though I was working 10-12 hours a day, I felt like I was barely making a dent in my to-do list.

But looking back to that time, I feel extremely fortunate.

Why? Because gave me a swift kick in the ass towards realizing what being a business owner is all about. And that is…


Let me explain:

If you were working for your company as an employee who handled all aspects that you’re responsible for now, and a super successful CEO (aka, your greatest business inspiration or who you aspire to be) was your boss, would anything I’ve stated above be acceptable? Could you just ignore all business finances? Could you work without contracts? Could you start your day without really knowing what you were trying to achieve, both short-term and long-term? Would it be okay for you to go through the motions blindly and just hope for the best?

What would happen to you if that CEO found out you had no set plan whatsoever? Would it get you fired?

I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want that kind of employee working for my company! 10-12 hours a day and no major productivity and not knowing what the bigger picture is? NO THANK YOU!

So what can we learn from this?


You take your business seriously, right? And you want to do this for a long time?

You need a plan. You need goals. You need to review your progress. You need a strategy.

You want your business to make you a good income, right? Maybe even 6-figures annually?

You need to work smarter all the time. You need to learn what makes you most productive. You need to prioritize your tasks, and you also need to be honest about when it’s time to hire some help.

Over the next 4 weeks I will be featuring additional posts in this series on how you can achieve maximum productivity with your business and reach your goals, all while freeing up your schedule to let some fun back into your life. I’ll even be providing you with practical action steps on how to reach the 6-figure mark in the next 12 months with your online business! It’s all about having that plan in place, baby!

Now, it’s safe to say that I’ve cracked the online business code when it comes to making great money and helping people grow their businesses daily. What else have I cracked the code at? Being able to rock at what makes me happy with plenty of time left to live my life the way I want to. I want nothing more than for you to do the same! The planning strategies I’ve discovered and implemented are going to change your business – and your life – just like they changed mine!

But for now? Start to think about the ways that you can be more productive in your business on a daily basis. Take back the responsibility that’s yours. Be the boss that you don’t have so you can prioritize and get things done. And when you’ve finished your work each day with time to spare, celebrate!

Online businesses don’t get built overnight. But, they can get built a lot more quickly when you adopt a CEO mentality.

80/20 rule, anyone? ;)

Until next week,


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